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David Dodge in Costa Rica
Enjoying the rainforest in Costa Rica.

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David has spent 25 years sharing the plight and beauty of the environment with anyone who will listen. He spent seven years as an award winning news photographer and columnist with the St. Albert Gazette. He served as the first executive director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society in Alberta, the founding editor of Borealis Magazine and the host and producer of more than 350 CKUA radio programs on sustainability, climate change and the environment. David was the production manager for Lone Pine Publishing and had the pleasure of overseeing the design and production of many books including: Birds of Alberta by Chris Fisher and John Acorn, Dawn Hanna’s Best Hikes and Walks of Southwestern BC, the revised Canadian Rockies Access Guide and many more titles. David was also the project manager for, phase I and has worked on a number of environmental education projects over the years. David served as the Communications Director for the Pembina Institute from 2005-2010 and later as a Senior Advisor to the Institute. In his spare time, David coached basketball and soccer for 10 years, has served as the president of the Evansdale Community League in Edmonton and he is presently the president of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

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    • Yes, our original family cottage was called Dodge Inn and it was on 3rd Street North at Seba Beach. It was built in 1919 by my grandfather Norman. I was told it used to take two days to travel to the lake from Edmonton if it rained. I am not sure who mode of transport we are talking about.

  1. Hey David,

    I really appreciated you running in this past municipal election. It meant a lot to vote for someone that I felt represented me well. Keep up your excellent community building work and mindset. I am hoping to get the Dickensfield Community Garden growing this year. The way that you replied to The Local Good survey, on the topic of local food/agriculture in particular, shows that you have good intentions and a wealth of knowledge. Let’s keep make Edmonton the sustainable community we know it can be.

  2. Hi David, I really love your panoramic photo of Seba Beach in the fall. My family has a house on South Seba as well, and I’m the 4th generation there. My great grandparents, the Kennedys, bought the property in 1934. It had a small building on it which they tore down in 1937 to build a two story house. It was originally called the Kensington, and was renamed Osocozy by my grandparents sometime in the 1950s. The house is still what we use and enjoy today, and we’ve added two bathrooms, a metal roof, and done a few other small renos over the years. My husband and I and our three children go out as much as we can throughout the summers. Its absolutely a family gem, and I feel so lucky to have had Seba in our lives all these years.

    I was wondering if you have a high resolution image of your fall photo that you would be willing to sell or provide to me? I would love to get a blowup print of it to put on our wall at home in Calgary. (I would not use it for any commercial use). Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Karen, sorry I am so bad at following the comments! Send me an email at and a low res clip of the photo you are referring to. I think I know the one you mean, but just to be sure. I would be pleased to provide a copy. We made a canvas print of the fall shot of Seba Beach across the water.

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