Green Energy Futures CKUA Radio Series

Green Energy Futures has produced more than 100 episodes for the CKUA Radio Network. Here is our playlist. Visit Green Energy Futures web channel to see our videos, blogs and photos.

Net Zero 101 – the road to homes that produce as much energy as they consume

In July we finished work on our Green Energy Futures Chasing Net Zero series. Here is Part I: Net Zero 101, the story of the amazingly short history and rapid appearance of homes that produce as much energy as they consume.

Check out the blog and podcast for Net Zero 101 at Green Energy Futures web channel or listen weekly on the CKUA Radio network.

The House Finches of our backyard!

It’s true we live in an ecological desert known as the suburbs, but this year we have been blessed with over wintering House Finches that really brighten the backyard whenever they are around!

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Happiness Inc. – Economics that matters

Happiness Inc - Blackfalds Alberta - 4

On November 10, 2011 I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with some colleagues in Blackfalds, Alberta to talk about an idea for a new company that focuses on economics that fosters a sustainable society. Pictured are Devin Spackman, Lewis Cardinal, David Faber, Dominic Mishio, TR Duncan, Bill Craig, Mark Anielski, and David Dodge.
We met at a most pleasant coffee shop called After the Grind.